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We offer workshops that include a range of life skills and performance skills.

SureSpeech works with students of all ages and abilities. Forum theatre, role-play, improvisation and unique drama exercises are used as a vehicle for young people to develop their skills of enquiry, confidence and communication.

All training is offered in groups or one-to-one sessions at a time and duration that fits into your school schedule.

Performance training enhances lives in so many ways. It can:

  • Build confidence
  • Bring the English language to life
  • Stimulate ideas and thoughts
  • Develop team skills
  • Develop understanding of human emotions

Life Skills Workshops

Confidence building

Intelligence is judged not only on how much you know, but also how you can communicate effectively. We work with students who are under confident and struggle with communicating their ideas and answers. SureSpeech helps to develop confident, independent, open minds who can respect others viewpoints whilst communicating their own.

This engaging workshop gets to grip with what confidence is. We offer tools that will help students to become more confident, being able to communicating ideas clearly, and look at issues that under confident young people often have to deal with, such as bullying, not speaking in class and being invisible to peers. We offer a ‘small steps contract’ which enables students to continue to push through their confidence boundary after the workshop.

“It was wonderful to see students start the workshops with anticipation and leave with enhanced confidence.”

– Mrs Anna Jones, Raising Standards Assistant at The Gateway Academy

Interview Techniques

SureSpeech works with schools across the UK, helping students prepare for interviews for jobs or colleges. They discover how to walk into their interview, confident of communicating their potential.

This dynamic, fun and high-impact workshop teaches practical techniques for dealing with challenging questions, communicating ideas clearly, and ensuring nerves do not disrupt their interview performance. Participants learn indispensable skills for interviews and for life. We hold mock interviews with feedback and time for reflective learning.

“Your work with George helped him overcome nerves, be confident and demonstrate passion for his subject at interview.  They made an offer the next day and accepted him with lower UCAS points than advertised.”

– Rita Monaghan


Public Speaking and Communication Skills

SureSpeech helps students to realise the importance of excellent communication and public speaking skills. With these skills, their education and employment prospects can rise dramatically. However, many young people do not have the tools and techniques required to enable them to present themselves, and their views, in the best possible way.

SureSpeech gives students the tools and techniques that will help them throughout their life. We work with individuals who are working on a specific speech, such as a head girl/boy presentation, as well as in groups in interactive workshops.

The goal of the session is that students will speak with more confidence, be heard, captivate an audience and learn how to control nerves. They will learn how to structure, write and deliver great content. At the end of the day they will present a three minute speech on a topic of their choice and receive constructive feedback.

The workshop is ideal for young people of all ages and all levels of experience.

Drama Workshops

All our workshop leaders are trained, professional actors who still work in the industry. See the ‘About us’ page. We have developed a range of student workshops which focus on some of the key elements of drama training. We work with all ages and abilities.

Training is offered in groups or one-to-one sessions at a time and duration that fits into your school schedule.

Choose from the list below or let us know what you wish to achieve and we will design a workshop just for you.

• Acting Technique
• Classical Text
• Contemporary Text
• GCSE and A Level exam pieces
• Devising
• Improvisation – ‘A Play in Day’
• Developing and sustaining a character.
• Voice
• Delivering monologues
• Developing scenes / plays students are currently working on
• Story telling
• Being a theatre director

For more information on the types of workshops we provide please contact us.

Training is offered in groups or one-to-one sessions at a time and duration that fits into your school schedule. All courses are tailored for your students’ needs.