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Being able to network effectively will help build more relationships with potential clients and customers. Done effectively, this can lead to an increase in business as well as an increase in confidence.

networkingEffective networking can be one of the most powerful tools an individual can use to advance their personal and professional life. The idea is that by developing a strong network of people, you can share information to help each other. Networking offers ways to gain market knowledge, to explore opportunities with colleagues, get a new business or even a new job. It opens up new opportunities and introduces you to key people.

So, if you are new to networking or would like to become a more confident, engaging communicator, SureSpeech can help. We look at the concerns you might have with networking, whether it is making sure your message comes across clearly, or ending a conversation without seeming rude. SureSpeech does not simply teach you a set of ‘rules’ for you to follow, otherwise you will not be yourself and may become static and robotic. Instead, SureSpeech brings out your individual networking skills, helping you to be more a confident and engaging communicator.

Our workshops will give you practice tips to take away the fear and awkwardness of networking. We will give you tools enabling you to walk into a crowded room and communicate with people – even if you don’t know a single person. SureSpeech enables you to become a confident networker who is able to engage with people. We will look at strategies for ‘working the room’, build real relationships and give practical advice you can use straight away.

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One-to-One training is ideal if you are working on a specific speech or presentation. You may already have a speech prepared and require that trained ‘outside eye’  enabling you to connect with your audience and present your speech with clarity and conviction.

You might simply wish to improve all aspects of your delivery for future presentations or speeches.

One-to-One is also perfect for voice training. Perhaps you would like your voice to become clearer, more confident and have more impact. Or would like to soften an accent and gain better articulation.


We offer flexible training options that will help you address your organisation’s requirements. We offer different levels of training depending on the experience of your staff – building key skills and confidence for those who are new to presenting or enhancing and fine tuning skills of more experienced staff.

Although much of our training is small group based (e.g. up to 12 attendees), we also run Masterclasses in Public Speaking – from 45 minutes through to 1 day (or more) for groups of any size.

Short Workshops

These workshops are perfect for conferences or lunchtime / evening training. They are tailored for your audience and are engaging as well as highly informative. They are excellent for large groups.

Topics of lectures:

  • Making networking work for you
  • How to build relationships in networking
  • Become a confident and engaging networker

The coaching is always tailored to your personal requirements, arranged at a time and place that suits you, and is always totally confidential.