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Staff Training

SureSpeech offer standard and personally tailored coaching in voice, communication, confidence, personal impact and public speaking. We come to your school and provide training that fits into your school schedule, including one to one 40 minute sessions, half / full day teacher training and staff development INSET courses.

Many teachers we have worked with, both experienced and NQTs, are constantly asking for training in the performance elements of their profession. Their personal impact and presence in the classroom is hugely important. Having authority not only in the words we speak, but also in the voice and whole persona. Additionally, as teachers progress through their career onto UPS or into middle management, speaking in front of others becomes an everyday part of the job.

All courses are suitable for teachers of all levels, from trainee to head. They are currently being used in a variety of schools across the UK.


Teacher Courses

CPD In House training for Teachers

Classroom Presence

Some people, it seems, just have that certain something that’s very hard to define, but that makes such an impressive impact that others want to listen. It could be called presence, flair or style; but whatever you call it, they leave you wanting more.

Being a teacher is like being on stage, students watch and observe your every move and listen to every word you say. Or do they? Without presence and charisma this can become extremely hard to do – to keep focus on you and not what’s out of the window!

Would you like your students to listen to you more without having to raise your voice? Would you like to feel more in control and engage more with your students? Be more dynamic in the classroom? Have more presence?

SureSpeech trains you to have the presence that all good actors have on stage, enabling you to become an outstanding teacher.

Training is offered in groups or one-to-one sessions at a time and duration that fits into your school schedule. All courses are tailored for your staff’s needs and can include observing teachers for individual feedback.

An example of a ‘Presence’ training session:

  • What is presence in the classroom and how it can help?
  • Learn how to maximise your voice and body language
  • Expand your ‘classroom presence’
  • Free yourself from accumulated tensions and understand how tension inhibits performance
  • Being more dynamic and engaging
  • Become more self-aware

55% of communication is delivered through body language. It therefore plays a massive role in getting your message across. If your body language and your words do not match, students will get conflicting messages or simply will not believe you.

Used correctly, body language not only helps you to deliver your message, but can help to engage with your students. You can create a supportive, productive learning environment simply by the way you stand.

Having the correct body language is also vital for class control and behaviour issues. Students often play up when teachers lack an authoritative presence in the classroom, and body language is a sure give away for nerves and feeling out of control.

SureSpeech helps teachers to manipulate their body language so that they can communicate their message in the best possible way and gain a greater presence in the classroom.

If the pupils can’t hear you they’re not likely to listen! If you are too loud, with pupils thinking you are shouting all the time, they are not likely to listen! Are you using your voice correctly without straining and causing damage?

This course offers vocal training which specializes in freeing your voice, developing resonance, looking at pitch, pace, elocution, breath control and authority. By learning a few simple vocal techniques from our expert voice coaches you and your staff will feel confident and in control.

SureSpeech will provide you with a set of voice exercises that will enable you to have optimum vocal control.

An example of SureSpeech Voice Training:

  • Use your voice without strain
  • Gain better breath control
  • Develop resonance, deepening tone, and finding openness
  • Have authority through the voice
  • Gain clarity, articulation, and precision
  • Use pace to your advantage
  • How pitch can help you engage with people

Public Speaking

Although teachers stand up in front of a class every day, many are under-confident when it comes to standing up and speaking in front of colleagues. Some teachers even shy away from promotion simply because they know it will involve public speaking.

SureSpeech offers courses or one-to-one sessions that will help you to become a confident, compelling and engaging speaker. We will give you the tools and techniques that will enable you to connect with your audience and ensure your message is heard, understood and remembered.

An example of a ‘Public Speaking’ session:

  • How to use effective body language
  • How to gain a powerful voice
  • Engaging the audience
  • Structuring a speech
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Having presence
  • Being authentic and yourself

Presentation Skills: Including PowerPoint

You know your subject and the information you wish to get across, but are you using excellent presentation skills to make sure your message is getting heard? SureSpeech helps strengthen presentation skills, builds confidence and enables everyone to have effortless rapport with any audience.

Many presenters do not use the power of PowerPoint to its full potential – teachers included. PowerPoint can be a huge asset when engaging with students. ‘Death by PowerPoint’ occurs when presentation skills are low or the slides are dull, boring, and has too much information on them.

SureSpeech will give you the training to use PowerPoint effectively – with tips of how to make the best slides as well as how to present with them.

An example of a ‘Presentation Skills’ session:

  • Effective use of body Language when presenting to a class
  • Voice – having a confident, clear voice
  • Use pace to your advantage
  • Use pitch to engage with people
  • Presenting with PowerPoint
  • Using PowerPoint to enhance your message.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of presenting with PowerPoint
  • Effective slides

Interview technique

Effective communication skills are required in each and every aspect of our life but especially when being interviewed. Having solid interview techniques can make all the difference between getting the job you want and being disappointed that, once again, the interview did not go as well as you wanted. Many of the skills to a successful interview can be learnt. Through our bespoke program, SureSpeech will work with you to develop your confidence and make sure that you are presenting the best ‘you’ possible.

As well as looking at structuring answers, we also look at communication skills. For example how we come across to others, our body language, pitch and tone of our voice, interpersonal skills, the way we listen and many of other things … all the things needed for interviews.

An example of an ‘Interview’ training session:

  • Answering questions and structuring responses
  • Effective body language
  • Having a clear and confident voice
  • Engaging the listeners
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Self-awareness
  • Personal presentation and confidence building
  • Mock interviews with feedback and filming

Training is offered in groups or one-to-one sessions at a time and duration that fits into your school schedule. All courses are tailored for your staff’s needs and can include observing teachers for individual feedback.

Rachel has worked with us on a number of occasions now. She has been involved in developing staff individually through observations and coaching. Rachel is extremely perceptive and is quickly able to pin-point specific areas that staff can focus on to enable them to develop; be it their presence in the classroom, the use of their voice or their general manner. Rachel has been able to work sensitively with staff on areas that they have less confidence in, such as public speaking. There has been extremely positive response to her feedback and constructive advice. We will be continuing to work with Rachel on staff CPD as it has been an invaluable part of our professional development programme this year.

Beth Stiasny
Professional Tutor – Sarah Bonnell School