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Public Speaking

Whether to inform, influence or entertain, SureSpeech can help you to become a more effective, confident and dynamic speaker.


SureSpeech helps people become more effective, confident and dynamic communicators, whether in front of a large audience or in a one-to-one meeting. Our training is highly interactive and provides individuals with opportunities to practise and gain valuable feedback. We bring out your individuality, work on your strengths and overcome weaknesses.

If you are one of the 3 out of 4 people who suffers from some degree of glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) SureSpeech will work with you, building your confidence and enabling you to use your nerves positively and to your advantage.

If you are an experienced, confident speaker and looking to fine tune your delivery and communication style, we can be that trained ‘outside eye’ making sure that you are coming across as you are intending. Or perhaps you have reached a comfort zone and would like to take your communication skills to an advanced level. SureSpeech looks at the ‘performance’ element to public speaking – exploring presence, charisma and energy.

One-to-one training is perfect for help anyone who is working on a specific speech or presentation. Each session is designed specifically for you and your requirements. We ensure that a ‘dry’ subject is interesting for example, and that you are confident and engaging.

In these sessions we will cover

  • How to use effective body language
  • How to gain a powerful voice
  • Engaging the audience
  • How to make a ‘dry’ subject interesting
  • Structuring a speech or presentation
  • Using PowerPoint and props effectively
  • The importance of physical and vocal first impressions
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Performance presence

SureSpeech also offer bespoke in-house sessions. Whether for an hour or a full day training, we will give you the knowledge and tools to find your own style and present with confidence. From structuring your material to building rapport with your audience, we will teach you how to be a dynamic and authentic speaker.

In-house courses:

Public Speaking Skills 1 – an introduction to public speaking. Would be an excellent course for people wishing to learn or refresh important tools and techniques for speaking in front of others.

Public Speaking Skills 2 – for people with experience of presenting. An excellent course for people who want to improve their confidence and delivery skills and make more of an impact in front of their audience.

Public Speaking Skills 3 – for highly experienced presenters who want to fine tune their delivery style and speak with more power and conviction.


One-to-One training is ideal if you are working on a specific speech or presentation. You may already have a speech prepared and require that trained ‘outside eye’ enabling you to connect with your audience and present your speech with clarity and conviction.

You might simply wish to improve all aspects of your delivery for future presentations or speeches.

One-to-One is also perfect for voice training. Perhaps you would like your voice to become clearer, more confident and have more impact. Or would like to soften an accent and gain better articulation.


We offer flexible training options that will help you address your organisation’s requirements. We offer different levels of training depending on the experience of your staff – building key skills and confidence for those who are new to presenting or enhancing and fine tuning skills of more experienced staff.

Although much of our training is small group based (e.g. up to 12 attendees), we also run masterclasses in public speaking – from 45 minutes through to 1 day (or more) for groups of any size.

Short Workshops

These workshops are perfect for conferences or lunchtime / evening training. They are tailored for your audience and are engaging as well as highly informative. They are excellent for large groups.

Examples of lectures:

  • What makes an excellent public speaker – gain tips and techniques.
  • Structuring a speech/presentation and using PowerPoint effectively
  • Effective communication within leadership

The coaching is always tailored to your personal requirements, arranged at a time and place that suits you, and is always totally confidential.