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18 Mar



March 18, 2013 | By |

SureSpeech offers bespoke, high impact training programs at a time and place that suits you. We provide the tools and techniques needed for you to become a confident, effective and engaging speaker.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to public speaking or presenting, or looking to improve existing skills, SureSpeech will bring out the best in you and your staff.

We offer an insightful, engaging and relatively pain-free training in public speaking, presentation skills, communication and confidence building.

Our client base is drawn from a variety of industries including business people, lawyers, actors, doctors, MPs, teachers, students and military personnel. SureSpeech helps anyone looking to improve their communication skills and develop their confidence when speaking publicly.

We will work with you to erase your fear of public speaking.


One-to-One training is ideal if you are working on a specific speech or presentation. You may already have a speech prepared and require that trained ‘outside eye’  enabling you to connect with your audience and present your speech with clarity and conviction.

You might simply wish to improve all aspects of your delivery for future presentations or speeches.

One-to-One is also perfect for voice training. Perhaps you would like your voice to become clearer, more confident and have more impact. Or would like to soften an accent and gain better articulation.


We offer flexible training options that will help you address your organisation’s requirements. We offer different levels of training depending on the experience of your staff – building key skills and confidence for those who are new to presenting or enhancing and fine tuning skills of more experienced staff.

Although much of our training is small group based (e.g. up to 12 attendees), we also run Masterclasses in Public Speaking – from 45 minutes through to 1 day (or more) for groups of any size.

Conferences / Lunchtime learning

These workshops are perfect for conferences or lunchtime/evening training. They are tailored for your audience and are engaging as well as highly informative. They are excellent for large groups.

Examples of lectures:

  • What makes an excellent Public Speaker – Gain tips and techniques.
  • Structuring a speech/presentation and using PowerPoint effectively
  • Effective Communication within leadership

The coaching is always tailored to your personal requirements, arranged at a time and place that suits you, and is always totally confidential.