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01 Jan


Goodbye 2012

January 1, 2013 | By |

Goodbye 2012. What a great year. I’ve worked with some fantastic people all over the country, some of whom I am already looking forward to working with again in 2013. I love my job and everyone I meet, (regardless of how reluctant they might initially be to participate!). Its great to see them grow in confidence before my eyes and it’s incredibly satisfying for me to see people surprised at how much progress they make. This year I’ve worked with huge groups of people, small groups and individuals.  

Public speaking can be terrifying, there’s no getting away from it but there are many tools and processes to make the whole experience exhilarating as opposed to nerve-wracking. I leave them wearing an invisible tool belt, carrying confidence, presentation skills and knowledge, instead of hammers, nails and screws.
From big businesses who ask me to work with their senior managers, to people who contact me wanting help to deliver a speech at a wedding, they all have the same end goal; to deliver a speech, clearly and with confidence. To keep their audience engaged and entertained as well as informed.
Sometimes I work with people who simply lack confidence in their day to day interactions and want help and practical solutions to overcome acute shyness and become someone with the confidence to strike up a conversation. I love it all and I cannot wait for 2013 and everything it has to offer.
I will be sharing hints/tips and stories about my working adventures during the year ahead so please visit every week for all the latest!
P.S. First rule when making a speech – (Keep breathing!)